Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Millennium Review

496b1e98-0fe1-49e6-8293-705efda94105_1-964019eccc1b06971c629e05200b2331The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller Millennium is strong, secure, versatile option for those who have two children and are looking for a reliable, durable choice.

A plethora of functions and features make this a dynamic choice for parents of children of all different ages and sizes. The front-and-back seating is good for keeping the product’s width slim enough to scoot through doorways and crowded places. But that doesn’t mean the stroller is light or small or easy to transport. It is a heavier duty option, with a sturdy frame and lots of up different options.


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What it lacks in streamlining, it makes up for fully in functionality and comfort. Both seats allow children of all sizes to sit comfortably, and the back seat can be adjusted to allow bigger kids to stand on the stroller and still remain safe. This is an especially attractive feature when considering long-term use, or if you’re going to a place where children may get excited or want to stand up and see what’s happening around them – at the zoo, for example – or when being a helper at the grocery store.

d71c1f3a-6449-49d7-ad6b-1e37ecfa1ede_1-116a7f5361e081343645f6b06a0f0bc6Both seats also come with detachable trays that will hold the children’s food and cups during the ride. They are easy to snap on and off with a dual-button release mechanism. Each seat can recline, to allow more options for the rider to stay comfortable. There are foot rests for each seat, as well, and large ratcheting canopies over each seat, which can be adjusted independently to allow for the preferred amount of exposure to sunshine. Or they can be removed completely.



Features of the Baby Trend Sit n Stand Stroller make it a great long-term option for young, growing families, as it is suitable for children small enough to fit in car seats and older children who are big enough to walk and run on their own but may still want the ease and comfort of a ride on a long day. Children can sit in the standard, padded seat on the stroller, or they can decide to stand on the small platform and still be safe with places to hold on.

The trays in front of each seat can fold down, and allow for a baby car seat to be securely locked into place – in both seats. It can easily fit into either the front or back seat, and still allow for another child to sit or stand comfortably in the front or the back. It also is large enough to fit two car seats securely at one time, so it is an ideal option for two children of any different ages. It will fit any Baby Trend child’s car seat and many other brands of 22-35-pound car seats. The trays can also be replaced with four individual cup holders, sold separately by Baby Trend.

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Front suspension offers a smooth ride and swiveling wheels allow for agility and maneuverability in tight spots. However, this product is not suited for rough terrain such as hiking trails. It will move but not as easily across rough grass, as the wheels are smaller than the ones which you may find on a jogger, for example. The foot-activated breaks are a nice safety feature that allow for hassle-free stopping for short or long periods of time.

For the parents, Baby Trend’s Sit N Stand Double Stroller offers a large storage space to carry your belongings underneath the riders. There is also a tray with cup holders for the convenience of the adult who is pushing.

41ae5f44-17b1-43ee-879d-95bc0a375a7f_1-521ae6af76af82399bc561aa4969f6dcThis carriage is equipped with a convenient folding frame to make for easy storage. However the frame is quite durable, so the structure of the product is very stable and strong. While these features are great for safety and comfort during the ride, they don’t make this the ideal option for transportation or travel. It will fit into the trunk of most cars and easily in a closet, but if you’re looking for a product that is convenient to travel with in the airport or carry a long distance, you may want to seek out a lighter option.

Both seats are capable of holding children up to 40 pounds comfortably. The standing platform is the same.



Overall, this stroller will be an excellent long-term option for many reasons. The versatility with which children can travel in so many positions allows for maximum comfort and enjoyment of the ride. It is also a great option for young children who are still in a car seat and for older children who can stand on their own and enjoy the ride. The standard seats offer comfort with reclining and sunshade features and a food tray to easily enjoy the snacks,

If you and your family enjoy lots of extended walks around town, you can choose this option and be confident it will stay with you for the long haul. If you’re interested in this buggy, please use the link below to check out the most up-to-date price on Amazon!

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