Delta Children LX Tandem Umbrella Stroller Review

Delta Children Double Stroller

The Delta Children LX Side By Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller (shown here in Lime Green, but available in many different color options) is great for people who are looking for a standard day-to-day, lightweight option with side-by-side seating.

It’s a practical product that has style and functionality that will serve as a reliable choice for casual transportation. Its frame is easy to push, pull, turn and transport. The front wheels swivel 360 degrees and have a shock absorption system that will fit in standard doorways, as well as tight spots where more agility might be required – a crowded theme park, for example.

With three sets of wheels at the front, you should never have problems with stability or balance; you will never worry about tipping over with this 12-wheel base. The shock-absorption system helps to smooth out the ride for the children on pavement or other rough surfaces. Two out of three pairs of wheels on the back of the carriage are equipped with foot-activated locks, like a mini parking break, to keep it in place.


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You can be confident that the stroller will keep the children both safe and comfortable, even for long periods of time. A five-point harness system allows for children to buckle into their seats securely, and the shoulder pads on each strap make sure that the riders will not be agitated or annoyed by the discomfort of a safety belt awkwardly rubbing against their skin. The side-by-side seating is roomy enough for children to have their own space and not feel crowded, but not too spacious to cause inconvenience while using the stroller or prevent the children from interacting.

The sun shades are a nice feature, especially because they allow each child to use it to their preferred comfort. One child can push the canopy back to open up their view and take in some more sun light, while the other child can pull the European-style canopy over head to enjoy some shade. It is worth nothing, however, that the canopies seem quite small, which can cause some inconvenience on very sunny days. Each the seats can slightly recline but not quite as far as you’d see in a jogger, for example.


Delta Children LX Side By Side ReviewsFor the adults, there are several appealing features that will make life easier when trying to stay on the move two children. You can attach a cup holder on either side of the product to make it easy to enjoy a beverage while in transit, but be aware that it does add to the overall width which could complicate things in cramped quarters. The product’s weight makes it a good choice for traveling, as the folding functions are simple to use and create a compact shape that is easy to fit in the trunk of a small car.

It also comes with a soft but sturdy handle to make hand transport easy and painless. Once collapsed, you should have no problems checking the product on an airplane if you need to take it with you on vacation or business.

There are two storage compartments, one under each seat, that are large enough to carry bags of groceries, clothes, books, or diapers. Even when you fold it up for transport, you will not necessarily have to remove your items from the compartments; items should stay in there securely. You can still roll it along when it is folded up, but it does not stand on its own.


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While this stroller is a great choice if you’re looking for a light product, it is not designed to be used quite as rigorously as a jogger or a stroller designed for rough terrain. Smaller wheels don’t allow for the same east of transport over a variety of surfaces as joggers, which often sport larger bicycle-style tires.

It will work perfectly for indoor venues with smooth floors such as malls, grocery stores, libraries or schools, however it may limit you outdoors to staying on smoothly paved streets, sidewalks or paths. You may not have too much trouble pushing the children along in the grass, but it won’t be as simple as other, heavier duty options.


This model is designed for children who are 35 pounds each. Anything over that weight may allow you to feel a difference in agility when trying to maneuver through tighter spots. It is also a fairly low-sitting stroller. For average height parents, there will not be a problem in terms of hunching over to push it, however it may feel low to people who are more than six feet tall.



Overall, the Delta Children LX Tandem Umbrella Stroller is a good option if you’re looking for a reliable everyday product. Its functionality is suited for fairly standard uses. It is affordable, and using it is as easy as “a walk in the park”.

Currently, this relatively cheap model Delta Children Side by Side stroller is one of the more popular available products online. Feel free to check it out on Amazon using our link below.

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